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IteraCare Pro

IteraCare Pro

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The PRO (Professional) model:

3rd gen model $3,800 (released 2019) - 1200 watts

The PRO model is built with sturdy housing and offers continuous use without overheating, for example: in clinical settings, large families, or providing outreach for multiple applications.

The expected result time is much quicker than its cousins (the Premium and even more so than the Classic) due to its higher power.

The PRO is also quieter than the Classic.

There are 6 settings (more options than other models):

(you chose the combination to use)

2 options for blower power:

  • 1- high blower 
  • 2- higher blower power

3 options for heat level: 

  • OFF - No heat (cool)
  • 1- Warm Heat
  • 2- High Heat

The PRO comes in a well-made hard protective case with a handle for carrying ease. The case is generously padded inside and has a combination lock installed on the latch for additional security.


*(does not include damage from falls like broken glass)

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• Keep in mind that this device is not considered medical treatment, but it can still be beneficial. Reach out to your sponsor/distributor for any questions or concerns.

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